About Strongs Alpine Succulents

Hello. I’m Shirley Strong. Some of you may remember me from my previous mail order business – same name, same plants, same location. I enjoyed the business for over a decade. Then, at the end of the 1999 season, I decided to stop the business and devote all of my time to my husband who had received a diagnosis of a long and wasting disease. We shared very good times together, including road trips around the western states and National Parks, before the disease became too disabling and I became a full-time caregiver.

Jim passed away in 2010. The next four years I spent just drifting through life. Finally, at Easter of 2014 in a conversation with my daughter, I mentioned that I would consider reviving the business if I weren’t so darned old. She must not have heard the last part as she promptly began planning all the things she could do with a website. So, the the summer was spent potting and caring for these plants. My son was willing to reconstruct benches in the old shade house and haul building and planting supplies, while I planted and his sister worked the computer. Now here we are, ready to fill your orders.

I have somewhat fewer varieties in production than before. In coming years, there will be more varieties and more plants in general.  I grow these plants on benches with no protection, save shade cloth in summer to protect them from the harsh sunlight that we have at this elevation. So, it tells you something about the hardiness of these little charmers. Winters can be very cold and can hide them under a foot or two of snow and they only show up in spring clad in even more vivid colors.

So, try a few of our plants and I assure you they will grow on you, as well as in your garden!