It seemed like winter would drag on forever, but earlier this week I heard the first ‘meadowlarks building crystal towers of melody’. Who could describe meadowlark song better than John Steinbeck? Then today, March 21, I woke up to 3 inches of snow and dozens of robins scratching in it. They stayed here until the snow melted in the sun. Then they stayed on to scratch in the wet soil.

It is always refreshing when they come back in large flocks. They stay a day or two before heading into the deeper forest. Later a few of them will check in with their new families. In the Fall I will look for the flocks to form as they make their way to warmer climes.

Meanwhile green things are beginning to poke their first leaves through the soil, and they are not all weeds. I see the start of this Spring’s daffodils and tulips, wildflowers and other seedlings. Many of the Sempervivums are beginning to shed their coats of dead dry leaves and show a bit of how colorful they will be. All this with their roots still in frozen soil.

Daffodil sprouts in rocky soil

Daffodils springing forth!

When I try to get a start on potting up things for the local Farmers Market, I find my soil mixes frozen hard and have to chip away at it and bring it indoors to thaw before I can dig my hands into it. Come on spring. Warm up. The snow has been good, but we gardeners need our spring fix!

Spring green tulip leaves sprouting from soil surrounded by volcanic rock with lichen and a few little burgundy semp plants are nearby.

Tulips and succulents sharing the same little ecosystem…both showing off their early spring color.


Maroon and green striped tulip leaves sprouting from soil.

Another variety of tulips emerging from their earthly cover.