Tenacious Little Plants Take Root

Years ago after packing the weekly orders I found a chick that had fallen off one of the plants. There was no way to make a true identification as there were several red velvet varieties in the orders. So, I dropped it in my pocket with the notion to plant it somewhere in the yard. Later when I was putting my things in the washer, the chick was overlooked. I found it still in the pocket after its hot water washing. Never expecting survival, I decided to give it a try anyway.

Adding insult to injury I planted it in a hole in a large rock. Believe it or not, it survived and here is a picture of its descendants. They are just coming out of winter dormancy and still holding a lot of dry leaves that protected them through their long sleep.

These plants continue to amaze me with their tenacious ways and their adaptability!

Red velvet alpine succulents growing out of a hole in a rock

Survival of the Fittest

Watch this space for photo updates as the weather warms and it receives a boost of fertilizer.